SECTOR 001: The Village

The Village is the center of the Playground. It contains a number of structures including the 'Hanoi Hilton' the largest bunker on the site, good for 25 players!
The Das Spiel 'office' is located in the Village, as are the Kettle and the Fridge!

SECTOR 002: The Rebel Base
The Rebel Base was the first constructed base area on the Playground. It is located to the South East of the Village, up on the side of the mountain with good views down over all the eastern sectors and the river.
Even though it has the high ground it is far from impenetrable!
SECTOR 003: The Compound
SECTOR 004: The Upper Field
SECTOR 005: Middle Earth
SECTOR 006: The Lower Field
SECTOR 007: Anzac Way
SECTOR 008: Pearl Harbour
SECTOR 009: Burma Road
SECTOR 010: Paris Island
SECTOR 011: Unnamed area