1. What is the Game?
As you can see by the map in front of you, a team or an individual has many different choices to arrive at their mission objective, normally contained within one of the main bases quite clearly shown on the map and outlined in red.
Along the way a team member will face many obstacles, barriers and opponents, or is he/she lucky enough to choose the one route where there are no opponents. It's up to you which way you go and which strategy you use.
Don't ever forget the other team have a strategy too (very important that!). Don't forget that women are better players than men (strange fact that!)
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The Game is designed for Businesses and Tourists groups and it provides both Strategy and Intrigue (a minimum of 10 players are required).
The guests are divided in to 2 teams and during the day play 6 strategic scenarios where they have to outwit their opponents either by a correct strategy or by teamwork. Normally it takes a combination of both.
Each of the scenarios is played twice so that each team will have a chance to get their revenge.
The game is set on a large specially designed playing field with over 100 bunkers and 5 main bases, to assist or get in the way of the players in achieving their mission objectives. You are coming to play physical chess.
The Game is played on Honour, Integrity and Trust. These are very important elements between opposing players.
The Game offers both team play as well as individual play e.g. the ability to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your team-mates, thus showing true honour of the highest calibre.
The Game is unique as normally only in disasters or wars do people forget personal selfishness and work together. We have deigned the Game under these realities.
The beauty of real life gaming is that there is no limit to how difficult or simple a task we can set your teams.
The guests are supplied with a military uniform (jacket & trousers), a fully automatic electric Airsoft gun with a high capacity magazine, a full-face protective mask and ammunition. A hot meal and all drinks are also provided for the players during the course of the day under our standard pricing. Players should bring a good pair of outdoor shoes or boots as they are in the mountains and only thin-layered clothing will be allowed to be worn under the military clothing
We use military uniforms because hiding in the bushes, behind trees and stones is an important factor and loud colours (Pink, Orange etc.) would not exactly help the team members achieve their objectives, as I am sure you can understand.
The most important piece of equipment the players bring with them is their head, which normally contains an intelligent brain (we hope), which used in conjunction with the equipment provided, allows them the possibility to succeed.
On arrival the guests are given an introduction to the equipment and a full explanation of the rules of play. Some of these rules can be adjusted to make the scenarios as easy or as difficult as you like.
· When a player is 'hit' they are not out of the game, merely 'wounded' and go to the 'Hospital' where after a 5-minute stay they can return to the game. This allows players to keep trying to achieve their goal during the scenario and they may also try a number of different possibilities to do it. An English expression: 'If at first you don't succeed, you try, try, try again.' You never, ever give up! A lot of games are won in the last few minutes of the time allowed. All games have time limits.
· 'Dead people do not talk' - this means that when a player is 'Hit' they may not tell their team-mates where their opponents are hidden, as that person may have spent a long time getting to that position unnoticed, but when they get back to the 'Hospital' they are allowed to inform their team-mates.

The first 2 games that are played are always learning games, so everyone can understand what the rest of the day will hold in store for them and do not count in scoring.

The Game is the only place in the world where you can commit 'suicide' for the sake of your team-mates and still have a beer with them at the end of the day to discuss it. Anything seen in an action-adventure movie is possible at The Game and everyone goes home at the end of the day to tell their stories.

Sounds complicated, absolutely!

2. Why is it of interest to Businesses / Companies?
It can be used as a fun day out, an achievement incentive or a team building exercise.
The map and the game scenarios are supplied in advance so that the players can organise their teams and design their strategy in advance. The teamwork starts before they get here.
It can enhance the internal harmony of your working environment.
Normally in business companies try to outdo each other financially, what mustn't happen is for that practice of outwitting your opponent to work down into your own internal departments. Every member of your company must be playing for the same side and not trying to outdo each other.
Evaluating leadership qualities or the finding of potential leaders and the support of their team-mates to help them.
The Game can be used to see how existing team leaders and management can effectively organise a strategy, communicate it to the team members and then implement it. Natural leadership qualities can also be identified within the team members.
Problem solving and improvisation.
Not every strategy runs perfectly and decisions have to be made on a moment-by-moment basis by the individual. Solving unforeseen problems and events quickly is one of the key elements to achieving success in The Game.
3. Where we are? Who we are? Amenities available and add-ons.
'The Game' is located at the very end of the Zillertal Valley, just 50 minutes from the centre of Innsbruck.
The playing field is proximately 1.2 SqKm and is situated at 1200m, and has very low summer temperatures, on average 22°C to 27°C, thus providing a much lower humidity rating and the season starts in May and runs through until middle November. The playing field itself contains varied terrain including forest, open-field, deep Fern mountainside, small rivers, waterfalls and underground natural springs.
The arrival time is at 09.30 with games stating at 10.15 with day finishing at approximately 17.30.
NB. Half day games are available and start at 12.00 until 17.30 (times are adjustable to suit within reason).
The car park at the playing field can accommodate approximately 35 cars/mini-busses, and larger busses also have easy access up to a 66-seater size. Any size bus larger than this will be required to stop at the entrance to tunnel system where parking is available and smaller busses will be provided in order to complete the last 8 km of the journey.
Above the playing field sits the 200-year-old Tristenbach Alm Restaurant, which can cater for well over 100 people seated inside. Lunchtime meals can be held there and normally are for our corporate guests and evening banquets are available for after the day's games. NB. These are a specialist price and not included in the standard price, but anybody choosing to use the Tristenbach Alm restaurant will be provided with a discounted price.

Specialist equipment is also provided for the scenarios, such as smoke bombs, to cover movement, and radios, allowing teams better communication over the large playing area (1 handset provided in every 4 players).

The Game is marshalled with between 4 to 8 members of staff dependant on the amount of players we have.
NB. Watching is great fun! If you get bored you can walk the 700m to Tristenbach Alm.

The best part of The Game is not whether you win or lose, it is if you have tried your best, as an individual and as team member, and you have kept your honour, meaning that at the end of the day you will be able to leave with your head held high and your fellow team-mates and opponents alike, will respect you for it.

Gaming Motto: Honour over winning.~

For a more intricate view of this event please contact us.
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· E-mail: info@dasspiel.com
· Internet: http://www.dasspiel.com

Yours Faithfully

The Das Spiel Team

PS. Playing your business competitors can be great fun too, but a very tough day for us, but we are prepared!
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