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+43 664 214 4207
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Ginzling, a sleepy village in the Tirolean mountains, a calm and relaxed place just a few kilometers from the exciting ski resort of Mayrhofen, but all is not as it seems!

Welcome to the realm of the Skidoo!

Come and have the experience of a lifetime on a machine that will give you goose bumps, a 500cc Grand Touring Skidoo! Take a tour with one of our experienced guides into a hidden valley in the Austrian Alps, where you will learn how to handle these machines both on and off piste.



    • Skidoo Bike Hire for 1-Hour €145
    • Supplement for Passanger €50
    • Under 16 Supplement (with Adult) €25

Skidoo Tours Inc. is open the whole winter season. (DEC to APRIL) Mon-Sun 09:00-18:00
Group bookings of more than 5 people should contact Ginzling Arena on + 43 664 214 4207 for details of specialist packages available.

If you are traveling to Mayrhofen with a travel company, you can also book through your company representative. Currently these companies come to Mayrhofen, and you can book through them. A large number of European travel operators also cater for Mayrhofen, from Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Czech Rep, and all over Eastern Europe. Please Check with your Travel Agent.